Cooper’s World

Today was the day… Cooper rode Magic the pony for the very first time (with some assistance from his Dad).  Cooper has rode with his Grandpa and with Otey lots of times, but being in the saddle all by himself is a whole new deal.  Here is Daddy… saddling the wild beast. Cooper was off getting soaked in the automatic waterer.


Headed out of the barn…
(how about Otey’s shirt Wanda… I’ll send you the advertising bill)


Cooper was diggin’ it…



And… just as we suspected, he laughed and loved it for about 8 minutes, and then he asked if he could get down and go back and play in the water some more.  I tell ya, Magic the Pony has got one easy gig at the McCloy homestead.  It’s funny how your own kids can make you loose your mind.  People PAY me to use my camera everyday, and you would have thought I was shooting head shots of the president or something.  I checked my camera settings about 40 times in eight minutes and shot about 100 frames.  Heaven forbid I miss Magic the Pony’s first spin around the pasture.  On a happy note, Cooper is starting to talk about going in the potty a lot more.  Don’t get the wrong idea… every time I get brave and think we’ll try big-boy-underwear for a few minutes, he uses them like a diaper, but we are starting to get in a nightly yard watering routine.  When we come up from the barn at night Cooper is always either soaked, muddy, or both, so I strip him off at the back door and tell him to go “pee on the grass” before we head in for our nightly bath.  Tonight was the first time Otey got to witness it.


And while I am rambling on about my kid and stuff he’s going to love me for when he’s about twelve, we had a pretty big wreck on Sunday.  He was pulling his big rubber-wheeled wagon down the little asphalt slope by our garage and I guess he got going too fast (just pulling it mind you).  He fell down and the wagon ran right over the top of him.  I stood where I was and waited to see what he’d do as the wagon rolled off in to the yard and he picked his little head up, looked at me, paused for a long time…. and then yelled  “MOMMY!!!  (long pause)   “OOUUUCCHHH!!!!”  It wasn’t an I’m hurt yell, it was more like a “hey stupid… did you not just see what happened?  Get over here and pretend like you are a good Mom.” tone.  He was fine about 30 seconds later, climbing all over the wagon… but he looks like a little bruiser.



I only have ONE entry for the photo contest so far.  Entries are due this Friday at midnight.  Check out the rules HERE.

  • Alexandra Frankel - Omigosh those are sooo cute!! Cooper is such a trooper! I love the censored one! You have to send me that graphic!! Its adorable!!

  • codymc - love the skinned knee shot! I’m still formulating a plan for my self-portrait shot.

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