Cooper… and his active Pooper

Cooper’s baby cousin Cole in almost exactly one year younger then he is.  Tonight I was going back through Coop’s seven month shots to see if he and Cole looked anything alike, and look what I found! These were shot in my Parent’s backyard with my Minolta point-and-shoot camera.  Check out his eyes… I did nothing to enhance the color.  They look soooo bright blue!


The poor little guy is a little under the weather.  Let’s just say his food is coming out the bottom end as fast as it’s going in the top end… actually… probably faster!  This has been going on for nearly a week now, so I finally took him to the doctor.  They’re not sure what’s going on, so they sent us to the hospital for some tests.  Before the lab work was done (including an IV like blood withdrawing device) Cooper had screamed and cried so hard that he puked right in the face of the nurse holding down his little arm.  Pitiful and soooo sad at the time, pretty funny now (the nurse part… not the crying part).  I just hope and pray he gets better soon.  I’m going to have to undergo professional counseling to get over the little poop incident I woke up to this morning.  Let’s just sum it up by saying I nearly dragged Cooper’s crib and all it’s contents straight out to the curb for the garbage man.  DEE. SKUST. ING.

  • Heather - ohhhh….you make me laugh!!! and make me reconsider being a pediatric nurse. puke is NOT my thing, nor is poop!! love ya!

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