Coop Diddy turns FOUR!!!


Actually he turned four twenty days ago (on February 1st) but I’m a little behind on blog posts.


Where on earth has the time gone?  It seems like yesterday that we headed to the hospital to have our first baby.  Here we are… four years later and my sweet baby is FOUR YEARS OLD and a fantastic BIG brother twice over.


I pride myself in being calm, cool, and collected the majority of the time… but knowing that we are only one year from FIVE???!!!  One year from going to school??!??!?  I am going to be that blubbering Mom on the first day of Kindergarten.  The thought of being away from him all day long five days a week makes my heart ache.   I just can’t imagine…. so for now, I’m going to cling to four with all I’ve got.



1 snow

Here’s a three, two, one Birthday flashback for you…

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  • Emily - Lovin’ your return to the blog!

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