Coop-diddy & G-Funk

Those are my boy's rapper names. I know… they are going to grow up and need counseling. I started calling Cooper Coop-diddy every now and then when he was really little, and some how, Grady went from G, to G-money, to G-funk money, to G-funk. Don't fear, it's just an every now and then thing… I don't have their blankets embroidered with it or anything. So anyway, I have had many requests for my little rappers to make a blog appearance so here you go. Photographic evidence of my parenting skills.

Grady has cradle cap. You know, that flaky dry skin looking stuff that comes off their scalp? I wanted to head his off before it got bad and his perfect little man hair started falling out, so I used a home remedy from my friend Erica. Mushed up Avocado and Olive Oil, and before you make any "pass the chips" jokes… IT WORKS! We've now had two green slimy treatments and the cradle cap is pretty much gone.


Cooper is very easily entertained.  He got an onion out of the cupboard and wanted to eat it, so I.. being the great Mom that I am… got some out of the refrigerator for him to sample.  All though it was funny… he decided that he would just play with the onion rather than eat it.  He seriously had a ball with that fork and onion for an hour.  I am a firm believer in "pick your battles" parenting… and if you want to know the truth, I rather enjoyed the onion entertainment myself.  We played catch with it for awhile, rolled it down the stairs, stabbed it with the fork, peeled some layers off… loads of family fun.


One of the best things about secretarying the ten college rodeos I do a year is getting to hang out with one of my very best friends, Jolyn.  Her daughter Rylee (who you might recognize from a few photo sessions) is just six months older then Cooper and they really are becoming great friends too.  I'm just sure they are going to get married some day.  Rylee already bosses him around, and Cooper refuses to make eye contact and pretends like he doesn't hear her.  I know lots of people who have marriages just like that.


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