Cookie Monster

Let me start this post off by saying my kid loves fruit, vegetables, meat, and milk.  It’s just not very fun to show you pictures of him eating green-beans, chicken, and peaches.  We don’t ever let Cooper have any sweets, so when we do I feel like I need to document it.  He had cake on his Birthday, cupcakes on Valentine’s Day, and today he had chocolate chip cookies for the first time.  Not for any special occasion, just because I was feeling like susie-homemaker vacuuming and baking today.  Remember, you can click on the photos to see them larger and in full resolution.

Moving in for the kill…


Can you imagine tasting homemade chocolate chip cookies for the very first time?  He’s going to have a totally new appreciation for milk now. 

Ahhh… the very first sweet bite…


Gosh I love that kid.  He is getting so much personality now.  He makes Otey and I laugh all of the time.  Not to sound all Leave-it-to-Beaverish… but I’m so stinking happy, I think I need a plaid apron with a ruffle!

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