Confessions of a 20 month old

My name is Cooper.  I have a problem.  I… I eat dog food.  I know it’s wrong… I just can’t help myself.  It’s like an endless buffet of stinky goodness taunting me in the stainless bowl from the corner of the kitchen.  My Dad says no-no… my Mom swats my behind… but the power of the dog food consumes me.  I love the crunchy texture, I love that mush that runs out of my mouth all over my chin, I love the stench of Purina Sensitive Systems Small Bites on my breath. Why should Louie get all the good stuff?  Why shouldn’t I be allowed to eat from matching bowls on the floor?  They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem… I’m not sure I have a problem yet.

Cooper D. McCloy  (my Mom made me write this)

  • cole mccloy - cooper
    i admit i have the same problem. i share my food with harley why can’t she share hers with me(yeah, that’s right, my mom caught me sharing with harley yesterday; one bite for me, one bite for harley, etc.)
    love ya,

  • Heather - Cooper,
    Keep up the good work! It’s funny hearing about the things you are doing to break your mom in! Don’t worry too much if the barking kicks in…your cousin Lexi ate cat food and the meowing didn’t last long! ha ha

    Aunt Heather

    p.s. I’m sure your Uncle Andy and I made your mom eat some things that weren’t so good for her! And she’s ok! :o)

  • Grandma - Cooper, At least the Sensitive Systems shouldn’t upset your stomach. You could try to cut back to one snack a day, then maybe Mom will not get so bent out of shape. If all else fails ask Mom what she ate as a child. I love you, Grama Curry

  • mom - Cooper

    Watch the brands that you are eating. There are some bad ones out there you know. It is probably better than eating mouse traps or droppings?? I say eat it till you start to barking. THen and not till then do you chose a different snaack. LOL

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