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Oh my gosh I am so frustrated with the “comment” system on my blog.  When I turn up the security, all of my regular blog readers have heck commenting. When I turn the security down, I have to sort through 30 spam comments a day.  Now… if i were in the market for cheap meds, penis enhancement, adult entertainment, inheritance from the royal family of some far off country, or new insurance… I would be lovin’ it.  BUT… fortunately I am not in the market for any of those things.

Maybe the inheritance if it was legit… but I’m pretty sure it’s spam too.

So.  If you have been having trouble commenting this week, that would be the reason why.  I am trying yet ANOTHER security combo… so maybe this system will work better for everyone.

I don’t even know where to start on getting caught up on blog posts from the past couple of months.  I could blog three hours a day everyday and still not ever get caught up on sessions and life in general.  So I’m not going to try.  I’m going to hit and miss some high points (I was selected to work the NFR in a few weeks… the Superbowl of rodeo… I’m soooo excited) and some low points (my 12 year old dog Louie that travels EVERYWHERE with me was diagnosed with Cancer last month) and throw some photos in here and there.


Kim & Joe.  Married couple with no children.  Super fun and easy to shoot once Joe figured out that I just wanted him to make out with his wife the entire time.  Check her out… tough job, but someone has to do it. (tiny bit of skin at the end… if you’re going to be offended, check out now).


This next image is my VERY favorite from the entire shoot.  I love the lines and contrast.  If I ever end up with an office space that I allow anyone above three foot tall to enter and that requires clothing other than pajamas… I will have a GIANT canvas of this photo hanging on the wall.


Talk about JACKPOT.  This old barn is on some land that Joe’s family owns.




They’re going to make some pretty babies… huh?


When Kim and I first started making plans for their session she mentioned shooting some water photos.  I was excited and Joe… well… he didn’t really “get” what she and I had in mind.  On the drive out to the lake I finally said “look Joe, just pretend that your smokin’ hot wife came home and said… ‘let’s go out to the lake, jump in with our clothes on and make out‘ only difference is I’m going to be standing on the bank taking photos of it”.  At that point I think he started to get the picture.



  • Andy Curry - I will take it that Cooper “the water bug” was not with you when you went to the lake?

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