CNN interview

Cooper and I are in Martin, Tennessee for a college rodeo this weekend. We have a rodeo in Mississippi next week, and one in Arkansas the following week, so we are hanging out in the south until the 28th of this month. Otey is catching a ride down to see us next weekend so that the over two weeks away from home will be bearable for all parties concerned. Grandma Curry is hanging out with Cooper and I in Martin for the next few days. Keep your fingers crossed for us, there are all kinds of storm and tornado warnings for tonight. The sun is shining right now but the wind is HOWLING!!! I might end up like one of those women you see on CNN… barefoot, pregnant, holding my dirty little two year old on my hip, standing out in the parking lot saying “I don’t know what happened… I was just watching Jerry Springer and then the next thing you know my whole trailer blew away!”

  • Debbie - You could put Chad on the interview with you but make sure he takes his front tooth partial out, that way you both will look official!

  • Kelli - Be sure to get ol’ grumpy DeWitt in that interview with you. Between the 2 of you ya’ll could come up with some mess.

  • Laura - YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!!

  • aunt harriet/mom - Oh Kathy….you are sooooo bad!

  • kay - if it’s a tornado don’t forget to say “it sounded like a freight train”!

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