Cliff Notes

I just typed a mile long post and it disappeared when I tried to publish it! Ahhh!!! Here is the Cliff Notes version…

-We tried another church this morning. Liked it. It’s on the maybe list.

-I locked my keys in my car… again. At least it happened in my driveway, and at least the locksmith didn’t break my car window this time. They say pregnancy makes you dumber… I think my "dumber" stuck even after I had Cooper. Otey’s first response when I walked in and told him was "pregnancy ruined you". He was joking, of course… pretty sweet and loving… huh? I had Otey’s office keys in my hand and slammed the door thinking that they were my car keys. They weren’t.

-I have spent half the day trying to get my "real" website, on all of the internet search engines. It’s way harder then you think. What I need is the word "Kathy McCloy Photography, Ottumwa, Iowa" and my link to appear on as many webpages and blogs as possible. If you have any type of webpage… email me or comment below and we’ll trade links. I need all the help I can get!

  • Stormi - wanted to let you know I looked at the 2. 2007 album and I love the last picture of Cooper with his eyebrow raised…too cute!

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