Change of plans…

Soooo… things got a little screwed up this weekend.  I wasn’t able to go with Otey to Washington.  Cooper and I came to Indiana instead.  Cooper had to have some tests ran Thursday that couldn’t be put off, so I stayed home.  All of the tests came out good.  It all goes back to the pooping deal.  We have been trying to get a definite diagnosis for almost a month now.  The final verdict is his phosphate level is off the charts.  Like 17x’s higher then it’s supposed to be.  I guess it’s something he will out grow.  Our pediatrician says it’s something he sees about twice a year.  It effects kids in different ways.  Some kids puke, and some kids… well… let it out the other end.  I am the lucky parent of the second kind of kid.  The good news is it has no lasting effects and it doesn’t make him feel bad.  The bad news is… we just have to deal with the ka-ka until he out grows it.  Our doctor says hopefully it should only be a couple more months.  I’m trying to stay positive and be glad it’s months… not years.  Anyway… enough about do-do.  Cooper, his Grandma, and I all went to my nephew’s soccer game today.  He is playing on a travel team and his big time these days.  We stopped in Oden Indiana on the way and visited my cousin Heather and her family also.  Pretty much, Cooper just came home for the weekend to make his rockstar rounds.  My family used to be excited to see me… seems I’m just Cooper’s driver these days!  I just finished up a couple sets of proofs and have lots of photos to share.  Once again, I can’t post photos from my folk’s house… so maybe tomorrow from town.

  • Kari Mason - Kathy-

    I’m so glad everything is great with Cooper. We’ll see you in about a week.


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