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I could seriously sit here and blog for hours. I feel like I haven't talked to an old friend in a really long time and I need to catch up.
I survived the Missouri Valley College Rodeo this weekend despite the three day MONSOON. I swear I needed water wings to make it up to the announcer stand. Poor Otey was trapped in the camper for three days straight with Cooper and Grady. I think we both would have switched places with the other one in a heartbeat.
Speaking of Otey… today is our 6th anniversary. 6 years. How on earth has he put up with me for six years? I asked him a couple of days ago if he was going to leave me next year… you know, the seven year inch. He said he hadn't though of it, but now that I mentioned it, it didn't sound like such a bad idea. I told him I was okay with it as long as he took the kids. Just another example of why I love him so much… he makes me laugh every single day. I know I brag on my husband all of the time, but he really is the best friend and partner anyone could ever ask for. Happy Anniversary Otey.
Now.. on to some sneak peeks. I shot a WAY fun wedding last week and I am just now getting around to posting about it! Ashley and Wade were technically already married, but they never got a chance to have a "real" wedding. Last year they found out that Wade was going to be deployed to Afghanistan, so they got married at the court house before he left. Ashley filled the months that he was gone planning and preparing for their wedding with friends and family. It was a great day. Great weather, fun people, and a totally relaxed atmosphere (my kind of wedding). For now, just a few random pics. Actual photos of Wade and Ashley tomorrow.


You can't get much more relaxed then these bridal shoes..


My new mostest favoritest ring shot ever…


A flower girl to melt your heart…


Wade's nephew Sam was the ring bearer.  His parents surprised everyone at the rehearsal by dressing him in the little outfit that Wade brought him back form Afghanistan.  Everyone had a big chuckle when the blond haired blue eyed toddler came down the aisle sporting this…


One more thing while I am posting all over the place about 50 different things… 9-11.  Holy cow can you believe it's been 7 years?  They have been replaying all the footage on TV and it still makes me sick to my stomach.  It has once again made me really stop and think about how blessed I am.  Some times we get all wrapped up in our own little world and our own tiny little problems and we forget about the big picture. The poor people who lost loved ones that day, the sacrifices our troops and their families are making… those are the things that help you remember what's really important.

  • codymc - Happy Anniversary to you both!!

  • kay - Happy anniversary!!!

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