Catch up

I have soooo much to blog about.  I think of about 10 things a day that I want to write about it and end up too pooped or too busy to type it all.  So here is several blips to catch you up.  If you don’t want to hear about medical stuff, skip #1…

1. This invetro attempt is scrapped.  When I went in for my scan on Monday, they told me that we would have to wait at least one cycle, could be three or four.  I have a big cyst on my ovary which would make the egg harvest surgery nearly impossible.  For now, we just wait and hope mother nature takes care of the cyst and go back for a scan in a month.

2. We had a great time in Syracuse at my HUGE family reunion.  All of my Dad’s cousins, aunts, & uncles have tons of kids… so over the generations, that has lead to a VERY big family.  I’ll have some pics to post as soon as I get through the Ruhe and Maternity edits.  Speaking of maternity…

3.  Erica’s big baby bump from a few posts back is now a 8lb+ baby boy named Will who joined the world on Friday.  My best friend Julie had her baby boy (also 8lb+) on Monday (she vetoed any of her belly pictures showing up on my blog)  They named him Coy.  I love that name.  Coy Avery.

4. Otey and I are now in Minnesota for the rodeos that we work this week/weekend.  We are going to the Mall of America tomorrow… Yippee!!!

5. I am slowly plugging through the Ruhes (thanks for being so patient)  Here is family #4…


6. We get back to Iowa on Monday and I think we’re home for a week.  Now that this round of "baby makin" is off, I should be able to get totally caught up on all my editing, and go out to our new house and see what all we need to do there before we can move in.

7.  Look how cute my kid is.  This is shot in of those inflated jumping castle things at the reunion…


I don’t know why all my pictures look so grainy on typepad now.  Is it just my computer?  If you click on any shot in any post, you can see it at a higher resolution.  Anywho…lots more tomorrow.

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