Camera… check!

Computer…. check!
Circus Tents Clothes…. check!
No winter Coat… check!
No toys, diapers, ittybitty socks, dog food, otey clothes, strollers, etc… check!

Looks like I am ready for a solo weekend in California! It seems so weird to pack for one person instead of two adults, one baby, and a dog. I miss my family like CRAZY when we aren’t all together, but I dang sure don’t miss the packing! I put Cooper to bed thirty minutes ago and explained to him that I wouldn’t be here when he gets up in the morning. I told him to please take it easy on Grandma and Grandpa while I’m gone and that I loved him tons. He responded with “Monkey! Monkey! Monkey!” That’s his way of saying enough blabber Mom… put me in bed already. So, I’m off to gather up a few last minute things for my trip and to shower. I head to the airport at 3:00am. It is snowing like crazy here right now (imagine that). Cross your fingers that both my planes (I connect through Minneapolis…yuck) are on time!

  • Stormi - So, how’s it going? did you learn all kinds of neat useful stuff?

  • Jeremi - Have fun! Learn lots!

  • Kari - Have a grat time.

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