Busy Weekend

I’m back!  Did you think I fell off the face of the earth?  I have had a crazy busy weekend taking Christmas pictures in Terre Haute.  I got to shoot my brother’s family on Saturday.  Here is a sneak peak Andy…



It’s extra fun to take pics of kids you know.  It makes acting goofy almost excusable.  I met up with my friend Laura and her son Lance this morning, then Mika and her fiancee Troy, and I ended the day with the crazy Hansel/Bender family.  In the middle of all this, I was at my parents house and realized my front tire was completely flat… like flat as a pancake sitting on the rim flat.  I didn’t have time to change it, so I used my mom’s Jeep to finish out the day.  I got home at almost dark to face the tire situation.  My husband is going to say "Ha-Ha" when he reads this but… when I bought my car, I really wanted the extra large wheels and the skinny little tires that make it look like a SUV instead of a station wagon (you can view my sporty (non station wagon looking) car in a post below).  Well, when those fancy tires go flat, your car nearly is sitting on the ground.  There wasn’t enough room to work the jack… or any jack under the car.  The jack that came with the car would fit under it, but there was no room to move the handle, and the other five (no exaggeration) jacks that my dad had in his barn wouldn’t even go under my car.  I had to go to the neighbors and borrow a small floor jack and pump it like a quarter of an inch at a time to raise my car up to change the tire.  Someone probably ought to write to Chrysler and tell them that those sweet looking rims and tires aren’t so sweet when you’re laying on the cold concrete at almost dark trying to change a tire! 

Cooper, my Mom, Louie, and I are all in Indianapolis now.  We finally made it about 11:00pm.  Everyone else is fast asleep but I had to check my email and post after a two day dry-spell.  I was starting withdraws!

***Updated 1:22am***

I just started through Julie’s family pics… Ahhhh!!!! I LOVE this photo!  It couldn’t wait until tomorrow… I had to post it tonight…


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