Broncs beware

Cooper and I are in Licking, Missouri for a rodeo this weekend.  Yes.  That is the name of the town.  Licking.  Not only is that a funny name for a town… but it is also the hometown of Mr. Otey McCloy himself!  What is the best part of working a rodeo in your husband’s hometown?  Grandparents!  Cooper is getting to hang all day with the G-parents and then show up at the rodeo each night to have his cheeks pinched by all the little old ladies that knew Otey when he was that big.  Speaking of Otey… broncs beware… Otey is entered this weekend.  He is up in Cherokee Iowa tonight, Licking Missouri tomorrow night, and somewhere in Wisconsin on Sunday.  I know I have mentioned this is previous blog posts… but my husband is a great bronc rider.  Tonight he broke out his saddle to make sure everything felt good (it’s been in the closet for over a month) and I broke out my NEW CAMERA.  Yes… MY NEW 5D arrived this morning and I thought it was fitting that image number 0001 on my camera should be my number 1…


Otey HATES it when I take his photo.  When he finally surrenders it is always with the stern warning of “this better not go on the blog”.  My standard response… “I can’t make any promises”.  This one shouldn’t get me in too much trouble… heck… I left his head off!  If you want to see my husband in action, here is the LINK to the video I posted the last time I bragged on him.

  • kathy - Sleep? Usually from about 2:30am – 7:30am. About once a week I sneak in a nap with Cooper for a couple of hours. I didn’t know Mom’s got to sleep?!

  • Kay - I remember going to the Licking rodeo many years ago when we lived in Cedar Hill, Mo and rodeoed in the Great Lakes Circuit. I think we were there the first year they had a pro rodeo (in the 80’s) I remember thinking where did all these people come from because the town is so small. It was standing room only!! Good Luck to Otey… glad to hear he is cracking back out!

  • Nicole - Hey my sister and I were just wondering, do you ever sleep because all of your blog posts have been at like 2:16 AM and 1:21 AM or 11:11 PM. Yes these are actual times I saw. So if you do, when do you sleep?

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