Brandy’s Belly…


17 months ago……… and 8 months from now!!! That’s right… Cooper has ANOTHER COUSIN on the way!!! We can’t wait!!! Do you think we’ll have ANOTHER baby boy to buy stuff for? My brother has two boys, We are going to have two boys, and Ben and Brandy already have one. If this baby is a girl she’s going to be one tough cookie spending summers at Grandpa McCloy’s ranch with her brother, Cooper, and our baby boy No Name! Congratulations Ben & Brandy!!!

  • stor - Congratulations Brandy! I sure hope it is a girl so it will get spoiled beyond belief! But then again she will never get to go on a date with that many boys around…. Take it back.. you need another boy.

  • codymc - I’m betting it will be a boy — what should we name him?

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