BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW BLOG & WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There could be some funny stuff going on around here until the first of next week. I am getting ready to launch my BRAND NEW BLOG (can you tell I'm excited?) and my BRAND NEW WEBSITE (if you couldn't before… can you now?) so there's lots of computer geeky stuff happening and my current website and/or blog will be up and down. As of right now, my plan is to launch all things new in my world on TUESDAY! YEAHHH!!!! Finally, after months of work… TUESDAY! I had hoped I would be done so I could launch it on my b-day… you know… happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy BIRTHday dear Kathyyyy, happy birthday to me. But alas, I'm not going to be done. Soooo now I'm shooting for TUESDAY (I'm still excited if you were wondering). And because I'm so FREAKING excited and I want you to be EXCITED too… plan on a super fun giveaway on launch day! WHOO! HOOO!




Off to bed… it's 1:48 AM. How can anyone be such a dork on such little sleep?

Good night.

**one more tiny whoo-hoo**

Added 9:53AM…  Thanks for the early B-day wishes… I actually have two more days (my b-day is Friday the 13th).  I can understand the confusion since I just sang Happy Birthday to myself.  Dork, I know.

  • Heather Mears - Oooooo, Friday the 13th??!!! You better stay in!
    As for the new website and blog…I can clearly see that you’re excited and all, but I hope it doesn’t change too much. I rather like the one you have now. Especially the little rainbow dots (don’t know why, I just think they look happy). But, it’s your thing and if you decree that a change is in order then, let there be change!

  • MOM - I mailed your box Monday. I guess I should say the box it has Valentine stuff for the boys too.
    love you all

  • BreeAnna - Happy birthday! We’ve never met, but I feel like I know you just through your blog.

    I am excited to see what’s coming tuesday!



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