Brain Fart

I am a KNUCKLE HEAD!  Photo Contest entries are due SUNDAY at midnight… not Friday like I said in the previous post!  Thanks for pointing out my brain fart Ali!  That’s good news… that gives you three more days to come up with something fun to enter!!!  Here is my lame excuse for the typo… I’m entering a photo contest that ends on Friday night and I had been working on the setup and photo for it half the day!  If you think my contests are kooky, check out the one I’m entering from the blu domain blog (their link is in my photo links list to your right).  Here are the rules…  Send in a photo of your "favorite colored" cupcakes in a plain white background. MUST be homemade. One cupcake must have our logo above and one cupcake must have your age and one cupcake must have sprinkles and one cupcake must have a happy face. Place a photograph of you on the rest of the cupcakes.  … and here is what I came up with…


This is the first photo contest that I’ve ever entered.  It’s on a webpage that is for photographers, and they get hundred and hundreds of entries every time they have one.  For sure out of my league, but fun to try anyway!

My Mom is in town (yippeee!!!) and we are currently moving in to our new (I really can’t call it new, we’ve owned it since July) house.  It will be nice to have it over with, but I am so totally bummed to leave the neighborhood we live in.  I love it.  Cooper and I walked to the grocery store a couple of days ago with the wagon and all I could think was "When we move I’m going to have to start driving to the grocery store like normal people."  And before anyone pours salt in the wound… no, we haven’t sold our current house yet… I just can’t hold Otey off on the move any longer!

  • Heather - LOVE the cupcakes!!! You’re so creative!

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