Brace Yourself…


Yes, you read that right.  We bought a new house and 13 acres today.  I guess we haven’t technically bought it since they don’t have our money yet, but they accepted our offer.  Ahhh!!! It’s a little scary owning two houses.  Hopefully that’s a feeling we won’t know for long. We’re going to list our current house ASAP and we don’t close on the new one until July 1st.  Is anyone in the market for a little white house with blue shutters and a pink kitchen that happens to be in Ottumwa, Iowa?  You could all go in together and buy it.  It would be like having a vacation house in Florida… only it would be in freezing cold Iowa!  Not much fun to spend the winter in Iowa… you’d all have to come in the summer time!  Anyway, that’s our big news.  If anyone would like to come and help me paint our current house so we can get it sold, I’m taking volunteers.

  • cody - WOW! Congrats!

  • Laura - Congrats!! Cannot wait to see pictures! So… what happened to “I hate to move!!”??

  • [ b ] e c k e r - congrats! i’d offer to come help paint, but who are we kidding… i mostly supervise!

  • Heather - If your mom heads that way – leaving this Sunday afternoon & coming back by the 16th – I will come along. Or, if you can tell me how long of a drive it is…I may take on the adventure myself!

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