Big Opinions

Cooper talks ALL OF THE TIME now. You might not be able to understand half of it, but he NEVER. STOPS. TALKING. With all this talking comes some big opinions. Especially, on what he wants to eat. I guess he’s been telling us the whole time, but now we can finally understand them. Pretty much every morning Cooper goes to his chair and either yells “EGGYS!” or “PANCAKES!” It’s actually kind of nice, because I don’t have to guess what to fix. This morning about an hour after breakfast I was working on some photo collections for Crystal at my desk and Cooper comes strutting into my office, leans on the door jam and say…

Coop: “cookie?” with a big smile
Me: “Nope. No cookies until after lunch.”

Cooper then disappears into his room and about five minutes later, he comes back to the door jam, stands there smiling for a minute and then says…

Coop: “cake?”
Me: “Nope. We aren’t going to have any cake.”

Cooper disappears again, and makes another appearance about five minutes later…

Coop: “apple?”
Me: “Sure! Mommy would love to get you an apple!”

Cooper runs into the kitchen shouting “apple! apple! apple! apple!” I put him in his chair and got him exactly what he wanted (okay… the third thing he wanted). He’s so proud of himself when he asks for something and gets exactly that something. I guess that’s a big accomplishment for a two year old.



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