Let me start this post off by saying I AM NOT PREGNANT.  Don’t deny it… when you saw “BIG NEWS” as the title, it was your first thought.  I kind of secretly just a little bit wish I was, but that’s an entirely different post.  ANYWAY…

THE McCLOY FAMILY and KATHY McCLOY PHOTOGRAPHY ARE RELOCATING!!!!!!!!!  After three years living in Iowa, we’re headed to another middle America “I” state with lots of corn fields… home to INDIANA!  There are not words to really describe how excited I am.  I am from Terre Haute, Indiana and my family (along with lots of wonderful friends) live there.  I am so so SOOOOO happy to be moving back to be close to the people I love.  We’ve already bought a house and hope to be moved by the first of the year.  Gigantic life changes, and along with that… gigantic business changes.  Don’t worry my loyal Missouri clients, nothing is going to change for you.  I will still make several trips a year to shoot in Missouri with no travel charges.  As for Indiana… I am super excited about starting fresh and growing my business in a new community.  Once we get moved (yikes… the thought of packing up my house makes me shake in my boots) I’ll be running all sorts of fun specials for Terre Haute and the surrounding area!

On a personal note…

1. I’d like to go ahead and apologize to the teachers of Dixie Bee.  Starting next fall you will be subjected to ten years straight of McCloy boys… for a few years, three at a time.

2. You will see me in Wal-Mart in sweatpants, no makeup, and bad hair.  Keep walking please… don’t make eye contact.

2. If you have a preschool suggestion (starting in January) let me know.

3. If you know of a daycare that takes drop ins (no set schedule just here and there as needed) let me know.

4. If you know of a very good, very proven, very dependable interior painter, let me know.

5. If you know of a very good, very proven, very dependable cleaning lady, let me know.

6. If you enjoy moving heavy furniture (for free) while being tripped by naughty children, let me know… have I got a job for you!

  • amy stamm - OMG%20CONGRATS%20–welcome%20home–back%20to%20INDIANA!!!!!!!

  • amy stamm - OMG CONGRATS –welcome home–back to INDIANA!!!!!!!
    maybe now i can get a shoot set—-:)
    let me know specials please!!!
    thanks—happy moving!!!!!

  • Heather Francis - So happy for you. Wish we were still there, too! Let us know when you get settled. Have been wanting to get something set up with you, and now you’ll be close enough that we can come to you, if you’re too busy to make it up to us. Good luck… I don’t envy you. We’re in the middle of moving 2 miles away & I swear it’s worse than if we moved 2 states! Talk to you soon, H.

  • Amanda Wrightsman - I’m not sure if I said congrats on moving the other day or not so… CONGRATS!! Maybe we can see just a little bit more of each other.. I do know that sometime in Feb or March, Claire’s preschool will have an opening.. because you know we are moving to KY about then..

  • Leah Robinson - OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH EMMMMMMMMMMM GEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is MORE than BIG NEWS….can you imagine how many shoots of my girls you’ll get now HAHAHA!! YAY

  • Shanna Bradbury - Wow, that’s great news that you’re moving back! Did your husband get a job here? I’m assuming you bought a house south of town, since you mentioned Dixie Bee. I hope your transition goes well—when are you actualy moving? If you ever need childcare last minute, we have a child drop off service in Terre Haute behind the mall called Playtime—the lady’s name is Sandy, and she is very highly recommended. I would love to meet up with you sometime when you get back. Happy travels!

  • Shannon - So happy to be getting you back in town, and I know the rest of the family is thrilled! I’m getting my kitchen painted soon, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • Miranda Fuchs - YAY!!! Congrats to you I know how much you wanted this!!!! I’m happy for you AS LONG as you dont’ come to Marshall less often!! =)

  • Jane Hunt - As Betsy said, I am thrilled! I am always available for a little baby holding or chasing. Truly, I am so happy that you are moving home to be with your family and, as a grandmother, I can assure you that your parents are over the moon happy!!

  • Alison - That is so awesome Kathy!!! I can’t wait for you guys to move to TH! Now maybe we can see you a little more often! Great news!!!! Congratulations!!

  • Betsy - This is fabulous news! Jane will be thrilled. You will have a babysitter in a pinch, but most likely she will just call you to sit for hours with her at Starbucks and talk!

  • Amanda McLeod - I will admit that I am a little sad about this. (Happy though for you, as I know living closer to family will be great for you guys!) You have been a huge inspiration to me and your advice has been so very valuable. I think we should have another photog meet up before you move two states away! OOOh and I totally feel you about not being excited for the actual MOVING. Shannon and I are buying a house in Farley, IA – a tiny town about twenty minutes from Dubuque. And we are moving next weekend! I am excited yet dreading it at the same time!

  • Amber - yay! for moving closer to “home”! and it seems so strange that that home is closer to me too! seems like everyone in blogland lives far away from me! TH is just 45 minutes away. maybe i’ll take you up on that family session someday… 🙂

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