Back in the saddle!

I had my first full weekend of shooting this weekend and let me just say… whoo-hoo! Great weather, two fun families and a senior.  How about a REAL LIFE SNEAK PEAK?  It’s been awhile since we had one of those!  Please take note, this post is a testimony to the fact that you don’t all have to wear black shirts (or white shirts) to make a great family photo.

First off…. the McGraws.  It’s been a year and a half since I shot their last family session and man have the kids grown up!  A kindergartner and a three year old… perfect.



Now Rick the senior.  Rick the student body president.  Rick the singer.  Rick who thinks he’s going to have this old truck fixed up in time for prom… in THREE weeks.  I guess that makes him Rick… the dreamer!



Lari & Family.  They actually owned a place in Marshall that I have shot sessions on before.  I kind of go by the ask for forgiveness instead of permission when choosing locations so a lot of times (especially with seniors) we just drive around until I see something that catches my eye, and then I whip my car over, we jump out and shoot, and then jump back in and look for another fun place.  So anyway… this time I was legal beagle!  They actually owned the location!



Yay Marshall!  It was great to be back!

Two days to pack and then the boys and I head out for a month!  Better get to work!

  • Erica - Love them all! Hey Rick, I know your checkin’ out what everyone says about you, I love the wardrobe and you should really go to Kustom Klassics when you get that truck restored! 😉

  • BreeAnna - you know, I have been entertained enough by you and your boys, I had forgotten all about sneak peeks!!

    But hey, don’t let me hold you back, the more the merrier!!

  • Kathy - thanks friends!

  • Heather Mears - I love the little girl whispering in big brother’s ear all the while he looks like a typical big brother. FUN!

  • Tanya - Glad to have the sneak peaks back! I love how you take regular everyday things and make a great background! Wonderful photos!

  • Amber R - love the one of Rick in the red. made me smile. great photos kathy!

  • Megan - Love these pics!!

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