Baby Will

Do you all remember THIS cute prego belly?  Well… that beautiful belly is now a beautiful baby boy!  We shot these on Will’s 8 week old birthday.  Being this cute must just be exhausting…


Will is the little sister of maybe the cutest little girl on the planet… Averi.  When she wasn’t working it for the camera, she served as my trusty back-up shooter, complete with “Miss Sassy Pants” directions for her Mom and brother.  I’m telling you, she had a step stool to get the right angle and everything.  I’m thinking she might be taking my job in a couple of years!


  • Heather - Love the footstool pic!!! You’re awesome!!

  • Erica - Oh my gosh Kathy! You are seroiously the BEST! I mean, of course I think my kids are cute but you make them look like supermodels! By the way, having this cute of kids is pretty exhausting too! ;)Thanks again!

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