Today I actually shot some photos of Grady awake… and with clothes on! 


Awake photos AND clothes mean he’s not “brand new” anymore.  Good news is he still smells brand new.  Baby… Yum.

  • Mary - Kathy

    He is so very cute. Sorry I did not get to see him when you were down. Hope you got my card. Julie is putting a DVD in the mail for big brother.Having two will get easier.

  • Jeremi Jackson - I want to eat him up!!! He is SO gorgeous. Really.

  • stormi - He is beautiful. I am so glad you got a picture with his eyes open! I believe he is going to have blue eyes.

  • KIm - OMGOSH..I CAN”T STAND HIS CUTENESS…….AND YES I”M YELLING because I want you to hear me from all the way up here in CAN….A…….DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.:)

  • Wanda - Looks like his big brother.

  • Matt - How he can he have that much hair so soon?

  • Alex - He is soooo handsome, so perfect. Give him a kiss from me!!!

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