It is so hot in Cheyenne, Wyoming that you could fry an egg on the sidewalk.  I’m talking HOT!  Cooper is cutting his back teeth and was pretty quick to have his heart broken today, so we spent most of the day in the camper enjoying the AC.  We spent a few hours outside playing and riding on the golfcart.  There is a little kid’s water park right next door to the rodeo grounds, so hopefully he’ll be in better spirits later this week so we can try it out!  I finished up Erica’s Family Maternity session tonight and here is another one of little pretty miss sassy pants from a few posts back…


She had just learned how to ride her bike and was very willing to give me a demo, problem is, the street they live on has a big slope and she hasn’t quite mastered slowing down yet.  Right after I snapped this picture I grabbed her handlebars to stop her.  Notice her hair blowing… that’s not a fan… it’s authentic runaway bike wind!

  • Kelly Smith - Hey Kathy,
    Matt is in Cheyenne also, you should look for him if you need some entertainment!!

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