August is back on…

On our drive back to Iowa this afternoon, I received a phone call from our fertility clinic.  Katie (the best nurse in the world) told me to start my injections tonight.  After a second evaluation of all of my ultrasound pictures (all the way back to when we started with the cycle that made Cooper in the spring of 2005) they think the cyst is not hormone related and they think we can go ahead with the August cycle.  The "cyst" is supposedly more of a fluid pocket that they don’t think is going to go away without a surgical procedure of some sort.  They think I might have even had it during my pregnancy with Coop.  That means possible egg retrieval around the 17th and embryo transfer 3-5 days following the retrieval.  That is if everything goes perfectly.  So…. here we go again.  Up the prayers everyone… it’s baby makin’ time.

  • laurie - hey kathy! i’m praying for y’all. i hope all goes well.

  • Heather - I’m soooooooo excited! Of course, being sappy & all – your news brought tears. I love you! Miss you already!!!! Hug the wild man for me!!

  • Kelly Smith - We will definitely be praying for you through all of this! I can’t imagine how excited you must be about this news!

  • Laura - We will keep you in our prayers!
    Love Ya!
    Fagin Family

  • Angie Reusser - Yeah! This is such good news! We are so excited for you. – Angie

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