Cooper's weekend TOTALLY ROCKED…

We went on a "trip" (that's what he calls it every time we leave the house)… saw Gma & Gpa McCloy, Uncle Ben, Aunt Brandy, Cole … played at the park for two hours on Saturday … got HOT SWEATY AND FILTHY about ten times … watched Daddy at the rodeo… stayed up until 11:00pm … ate a HUGE box of popcorn for supper … had 4 milkshakes total in four days … got several hand-me-down toys from his friend Riggen … ate at Longhorn, Cracker Barrel, IHOP, Culvers, and a Mexican joint… and visited his friend Jake when we got home.

We went to Ashland Missouri on Thursday evening and I worked (and Otey rode) at the rodeo there on Friday & Saturday night. We got home Sunday about noon. It was a great weekend. It really is sooooo nice when we're not all going in different directions. It's nice to have a "family" weekend.

AND… because no post is complete with out a photo… here's a tiny little itty bitty sneak peak at Casey… 


Happy Monday!

  • Kim - now THAT, is my kind of weekend….way ta go cooper! Popcorn for dinner-that’s what my mom used to feed us for dinner on a regular basis!
    Great shot:)

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