Are you done yet?

OKAY KARI… HERE IS YOUR SNEAK PEEK!!! The last session I shot in Marshall a couple of weeks ago was our friends the Mason’s. Kari is really funny and you know how over there—–>
in my “what’s my status?” section… well, beside her name it says currently editing, and I’m sad to say it will still say currently editing for a few more days because we have to leave for the college rodeo. Good news is, just because I felt sorry for her, I stayed up EXTRA late tonight/this morning and edited a few more so she could have the sneak peek she keeps asking me about. Their kids are pretty darn funny. I LOVE the first shot with Sydnee laughing. So… without further ado… the Masons…



And the first one of the day. I really like front porch/stoop pictures. Seems so Homie. Is that how you spell homie… or is homey? Not homie like a dorky name for our friends that we used in the early nineties… I mean like homie… feels comfortable… like home.


I hope this will hold you over Kari. This is my last rodeo until FEBRUARY (I’m not counting Vegas since Otey is the only one working) so I should be able to knuckle down and finish up next week. If you are patiently waiting… thanks so much… if you are not so patiently waiting (Kari 🙂 just a few more days!

  • Erica - What a cute picture on the porch! Ken looks so proud of his family and he should be, they’re as sweet as they are beautiful! Great job again!

  • Holly - Gosh those girls are cute as ever!! But I can’t believe how much they have grown! Very beautiful!

  • Kari - Yippee!! I love them. That will suffice me and now I will be patiently waiting until you finish. (Well, kinda, good thing we have a rodeo.) Your blog hits will go way down the rest of the week casue I won’t be checking fifty times a day. (Yes that’s 50) See you at Murray. Thanks.

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