Anthony & the traveling nanny

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Me and the munchkins are wandering (well Grady isn't actually wandering… just sitting) around the house being zombies after a very long weekend.   We traveled to Magnolia, Arkansas for me to work a college rodeo this weekend. We were on the road for 17 hours on Wednesday, and 16 hours yesterday.  That's not too big of an accomplishment for Grady, he sleeps all the time anyway, but man is Cooper a great traveler.  He just hangs out, sings, plays with toys, watches movies… and really is content in the truck for as long as I need him to be.  I know that sounds so foreign to people who's kids can't handle an hour drive to the in laws, but for my kids, it's just normal life.  Cooper has been on the road with us since he was 3 weeks old, and he really acts the same on a ten minute drive to the grocery store, or a ten hour drive to a rodeo.  Anymore, it's way harder on me then him.  I picked my Mom up in southern Missouri, so I did have someone to help me switch movies, insert pacifiers, etc for about 8 hours of the trip both directions.  I would not be able to continue working the way I do if I didn't have such great support from Otey, my parents, and Otey's parents.  We are so blessed with great family.  Here's my Mom/traveling nanny hard on the job this weekend…

Photo 50

She's going to kill me for that.  I had a few hours during the day in the camper with them, and Cooper was napping up in my bed, I was editing photos, and obviously Mom and Grady were napping.  Maybe she was reading… there is a book in her hand.  I could see her in the reflection of my Imac while I was working and shot this photo with my computer.  It makes me happy.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE when my Mom travels with us.

Now… a few shots from Anthony's session.  He is 12 days younger then Cooper and has just as much energy.  His Mom (Holly) drove him over from Kansas City for his session and it rained off and on the entire time.  She had such a great attitude and was up for anything.  Here is a perfect example of making lemonade out of lemons…




After we let him get SOAKING wet, we took him back to my camper (where Otey was manning our kids) and let him and Cooper play for a few minutes, changed clothes, got some dry shoes, and then shot in the barns at the Saline County Fairgrounds to avoid the rain (and puddles).  What a perfect accident.  The light was beautiful, and I couldn't be happier with the results.



Holly told me that her husband has a photo of her and Anthony on his desk taken right after she gave birth.  I tried to shoot a few of them so hopefully he would update!  This is my FAVORITE from the entire session.  She is crazy about her kid and such a laid back fun Mom… this photo says it all.


  • Kim - Love your lemonade:)
    And I LOVE the picture of your mom…that is so cute!
    I’m glad for you that Cooper is such a great traveller. When my kids were little, we had no airconditioning, no DVDs, no juice boxes….man, the world has changed!!!!
    My poor kids had to endure alot of mommy singing…not a good scene!!!!!

  • aunt harriet/mom - I love the picture of your mom and Grady… especially with you in the foreground. Wonderful! Those are special moments that no one ever gets a shot of, and you did it! Kudos to you kid!

  • mom - you know what they say about paybacks!! You said you didn’t have your camera so I thought I was safe. I didn’t know “MAC” could take pictures.

  • Fagin Family - love the pics but have to say I LOVE the pic of you and your mom!! I have not forgot I am still trying to deceide what pics I am going to order and my mom is wanting to order some too!! Hope all is well! Laura

  • Alexandra - These are awesome. I love the colors, and he is really cute. Glad to see you’re getting extra help!! You need it! How is your housekeeper search going, did you ever find anyone?

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