and the winner is…


LEAH ROBINSON!!!  The 22nd person to comment!  Do you like my super technical way of "randomly" choosing a winner?  Shake up the numbers 1-25 for the 25 people who commented, lick my finger, and then reach in and pick a number.  Email me your shipping address Leah… "Mommy's Giant Blue Drink" is on the way!  I have a couple other little bitty contests coming up… stay tuned.

  • Leah Robinson - This is too funny!!! I feel like I never win anything…..then I won on Amy’s blog too!!! haha!!! Sweet, can’t wait to get “Mommy’s Giant Blue Drink”. I have honestly been looking for a great water bottle!!

  • amy stamm - Leah is on a rollllll—- she just won on my blog too!! GREAT JOB LEAH!!

  • amy stamm - LEAH–YOU ARE ON A ROLL!!! hahah AMY Kathy she just won on my blog too!!! GOOD FOR YOU!

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