It seems crazy to blog this many days in a row with no pictures! I really am going to buy a card reader for Otey’s computer or something tomorrow. The days fly by out here. Seems like all we get accomplished is eating and napping (not really so bad, huh?). The last three evenings we have had something to go to (banquets, cocktail thingys, etc) and tomorrow night is the first performance of the rodeo. It will go on for the next ten nights (check your ESPN & ESPN2 listings if you want to watch). I usually go every night, but this year I guess I’ll have to see how Cooper does. Hopefully he’ll like watching and he and I will get to go. Last year he was so little, he just slept, but he’s such a busy body now… we’ll just have to go one night and see how it goes.
With the rodeo starting tomorrow night, another monumental event occurs… the trade shows open! These trade shows are not for the faint of heart. One must be a highly skilled, fine tuned, shopping enthusiast to really take advantage of all they have to offer. There are three that I will be attending and you could honestly spend an entire day in each of them and still miss stuff. I don’t browse near as much as I did in my pre-Cooper days. Now I just like to be standing at the doors when they open and make a mad dash to all the booths I annually give my money to and get the heck out of their before the place is swarmed with amateur shoppers. You know the kind… they have to touch everything, ask how much stuff costs, hold up the same shirt against each other in two sizes and compare centimeters… not me… focus… in and out… stick to the game plan. I start my first attack in the morning. The doors open at 10:00am, so I’ll be leaving here at 9:20 to insure ideal parking and first swarm entry when the doors open. I’m off to bed… I need my beauty sleep to elbow other shoppers tomorrow. You know what they say… all is fair in love, war, and purse shopping.

  • Laura - LOVE the Cletus the Fetus countdown!!!
    Hope you found all the great items you were looking for!
    Love ya!

  • Heather - by the way…love the week by week thing!!

  • Heather - We are definately related…I’m a focused shopper and can’t stand to shop w/ those that are not. Get in and get out!! Love you. Read my post on Louie…

  • aunt harriet/mom - and what wonderful purses, shoes, earings, boots etc did you find in your shopping foray today?? Don’t forget – I like hand-me-downs!!!
    Give your mom a hug for me.

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