9 weeks

Well… I now have all of my big weekends of family shoots behind me for the year.  I still have two weddings, one family, one senior and an engagement session (in Vegas… yippee) but for the most part, I'm slowing down for the year.  The next couple of weeks I'm going to finish all of the sessions that are currently waiting to be edited, process your orders, and then it will be time for a little R&R!!!  There are nine weekends left in 2008, and here is how (and where) I will be spending them….

1. Wedding – Poway, California
2. Family shoot & a Senior – Ottumwa, Iowa
3. Great Lake Circuit Finals Rodeo – Louisville, Kentucky
4. College Rodeo – Murray, Kentucky
5. Thanksgiving – Licking, Missouri & Terre Haute, Indiana
6. Engagement Session (and the National Finals Rodeo) – Las Vegas, Nevada
7. Wedding – Terre Haute, Indiana
8. Christmas – Licking, Missouri & Terre Haute, Indiana
9. VACATION!!!! – Florida

I have had some questions about my Spring schedule. As of right now, I a not booking anything (except weddings) until at least February.  I am going to spend a couple of weeks in Florida with my family, and then I'm going to spend a couple of weeks in my jammies on the couch with my kids while my cameras sit in the closet collecting dust.  This year has been a whirl-wind, and for the very first time in my life, I am actually looking forward to some time at home.  Most of all… I am looking forward to sleep… ooooohhhhhh… glorious sleep…. how I have missed you.

Can you believe my little "baby no name" is about to be four months?  You all survived the pregnancy with me, check out the fruits of our labor…


Sidnote…  As you can see, I will be doing A LOT of traveling from now until Christmas, so if you are planning on placing (and receiving) your order in time for gifts, be sure to get them to me ASAP.  Don't worry if you are still "patiently waiting" on your gallery.  They will be ready in time to order for the holidays.

  • Emily - Grady is adorable…So glad you get to finally take a break, you deserve it!

  • Penny S - What a precious picture of Grady….he is very handsome little man.

  • Dana - Kathy McCloy…are you going to be in Vegas at the beginning of December????!!!! I will be there from the 5th-9th. Let me know!

  • Jolyn - Is that the baby I was holding 9 days ago?!
    He has grown so much in so little time. That picture is precious!

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