Can you believe it?  This year has flown by!  The poor little thing is sick on his first birthday, but at least he got to celebrate last weekend while he was still feeling good.  I’m not going to write a big long sappy post about how great being a mother is, how wonderful my kid is, or how he’s growing up way too fast.  Instead, I’ll just tell you I love my wonderful family and everything that goes along with it!  Here is our first family picture February 1, 2006.


Here is Cooper the day after we brought him home from the hospital.  Oh… he was so little and peaceful back then.


Quite the contrast from the wild man we have now! 

Happy 1st Birthday Cooper!

  • cody - Happy Bithday Cooper!

  • Stormi - Happy Birthday Coop!

  • Laura - Happy Birthday COOPER!! Love, The Fagins

  • Laura - Happy Birthday COOPER!!!! Love, The Fagins

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