60’s Wallpaper Border

…that is what we faced all day yesterday!  I think the lovely pink flowered border that we peeled, scraped, wiped, and scrubbed from around the ceiling yesterday is original with this house.  You know… back in the sixties before some smart person developed strippable wallpaper.  Even Otey got in on the action.  He really makes me laugh… even while wallpaper stripping! After Cooper went to bed, I put the first coat of paint (can you believe I’m covering the powder blue?) on the woodwork in the hallway.  There are FIVE doors  in the ten foot hallway.  That is A LOT of trim!  My Mom is feeling pretty cruddy.  She has spent half the day in bed with a stomach bug.  Cooper and I have been hanging out and watching another three or four inches of snow fall on top of the three or four inches that have been here for a week and a half.  Cooper has swimming class at 6:30 tonight if the weather doesn’t get too bad and then when he hits the hay, I’ll start round two in the "hall of many doors"!

  • Debbie - Kathy I am loving keeping up with you guys. You are sensational (how’d you like that word!) at taking pictures. I was just wondering though, with all that snow on the ground, isn’t it a little cold for poor little Cooper to be taking swimming lessons. Come on now, can’t he wait a little while longer til it warms up!

    Hope to see you some time soon, but until then I will check on you EVERY DAY to see how your life is going. I Love it!

  • Heather - Miss you! Wish I was there to help!!!! Really. Love you. H

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