47 minutes

In 46 minutes, my sweet little two year old will no longer be a two year old.

He will be three.


Do you know what that means? That means that almost FOUR years ago Otey and I took the leap and decided to start a family. That means that it has been almost four years ago that we met Dr. Penney at Mid Missouri Reproductive and then made it real by telling him we were ready to take the leap. A few months later… after many 5am drives to Columbia, many tears, many dollars, and who knows how many shots… our first invitro attempt was a success. We were going to have a baby.

A baby that is about to turn three in 40 minutes.

I am constantly amazed at how being a mother consumes my life. What did I do before I had kids? I thought I was sooo busy. Oh wait, I know what I did… I slept, and I watched TV that wasn't animated, I left the house without a bag big enough to fit a Buick in, I slept (did I already say that?) and I didn't use words like poopy on a daily basis. I drove with the windows down, and skipped a meal when ever I felt like it.


And I slept.

But 2 years, 364 days, 23 hours, and 35 minutes ago that changed. Everything in my world was totally flipped upside down and I wouldn't go back for a million dollars.

Our life stays so crazy. We are constantly packing and unpacking, driving and flying, coordinating travel schedules, picking up babysitters, rearranging work schedules, but I love every second of it. I LOVE that I am blessed with a job, and a support system of people around me that allow my children to be with me nearly 24/7. I get to soak up every little minute of life with them.

29 minutes to go.

I just got distracted by Saturday Night Live… the skit with Peyton Manning in the locker room dancing all crazy with the high school basketball coach… it nearly makes me pee my pant with laughter every time I see it.

17 minutes to go.


And for any of you who thought you might have a shot at Mom of the year? Forget about it. I just spent 30 minutes blowing up balloons and wrapping Coop's Birthday presents in construction paper which I decorated with hand drawn animals so that when he comes out of his room first thing in the morning… this is what he'll see. Okay. so I haven't baked him a cake yet, and I only wrapped his presents in colored construction paper because I didn't have any wrapping paper, and the hand draw pictures look like a 3rd grader did them, and the presents in those poorly wrapped packages are used movies I bought off of ebay, a $1.99 package of little pills that turn into tiny foam dinosaurs in water, AND a $3.99 Handy Manny puzzle that I just bought today.


I guess, the award is still up for grabs.

9 more minutes.

(yes mom… i got my new table, photos tomorrow when i have some light.  yes cody, pitch black house, off camera 580EXwizards). triggered with pocket

  • cody - i’m still hunting for a cheap 550ex to use off camera. next stop — light stand and umbrella 😀

  • amy stamm - I know it is sooo sad when they have birthdays! Mine is 7 1/2 and I would give anything for him to be 3 again! ENJOY his special day!! You are sooo funny!

  • MOM - I said to your Dad when I looked at the picture, “I wonder where that chair came from” then I scroll down and you told me. See, I am observant, sometimes!

    Happy, happy birthday Cooper. We love you.
    “Scuba” Grandma & Grandpa

  • Emily - Happy Birthday Cooper! Have a great day you guys!

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