4 legged friends

A few shots for an upcoming horse sale catalog…


That last shot is a "brand detail".  That is the identifying mark on the hip of the brown horse.  You might think horses would be easier to shoot then kids.  Actually, they are about the same… some cooperate, some don’t!  I had one of each for this shoot.  Sorry for the long blogging absence, I have been in the land of no cell phone (or internet card) service since FRIDAY!  I think that might be a record for me!  We’re now back in Iowa… running around and trying to get caught up on bills, mowing, and laundry.  Otey flies to Dallas for a meeting tomorrow morning, and then we all fly to Seattle on Thursday for a rodeo this weekend.  I dropped the price of our house today… again.  Please pray it sells, and FAST!

  • Stormi - They look so good. Thank you so much. Let me know when they are done and how much I owe you. I have to send them off for delivery by 09-14-07

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