I worked on Will’s session on and off yesterday in between 50 other things going on. Not to get off subject, but I had an eye doctor appointment yesterday morning (my first one in years) and they put these drop in my eyes to dilate them… and HOLY CRAP. #1. they made me soooo nauseous. They blur your vision like you’re wearing someone else’s prescription glasses. #2. you should have seen me when I went outside to leave. I was like the wicked which from Wizard of Oz lying on the ground shielding my face screaming “I’m melllllting!!!” It was like someone stabbed my eyes out when I walked out into the sun! Yikes! Thank goodness we just live a couple of miles from the doctor’s office. I drove home pretty much with my eyes closed, and my hand over them. When I got home I was sooooo car sick, I just laid in our dark bedroom for two hours. Geesh… who knew the eye doctor could be so traumatic! Cooper went to daycare for the fist time in six weeks yesterday. Otey dropped him off on his way to work and picked him up at lunch. He had so much fun that he cried when it was time to go. I need to get in a regular routine of taking him at least one morning a week. He loves it, and he learns so much. Right now we just take him when we have to. I need to make an effort to get him there more often. Back to Will… here are a few more…


One of Will and his sister Averi. Will is just crazy about Averi. He had a little trouble keeping his hands off of her! Which of course made Averi giggle. There are SEVERAL shots very similar to this one…


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