362 days


That’s my crazy friend Terri.  She lives by Nashville and I only see her one time a year… on the beach trip.  I did see her twice in 2002… those of you who were at my wedding, Terri was the angelic voice you heard singing (the angelic part was strictly for Terri’s amusement).  I was setting my camera to take a group picture and I have about 10 different shots of Terri working her "surprised" look.  I also captured a couple of Super Hero poses, but I’ll spare you any more silliness.


These are the seven beach trippers.  We have such a diverse group.  I’m the last one holding on to the last year of my 20’s, there are two 30 somethings, three 40 somethings, and one barely 50 something.  We all have very different family situations, jobs, and lives, but the three days a year that we are all together is always tons of fun.  Everyone except for me and Kelli (top right) loves seafood, so we go out to seafood restaurants every night.  Here is the final night feast…


Carrie ordered the "crawling platter"… just the name of it makes my stomach flip.  There are shrimps with heads… crawfish, mussels, crab legs, crab dip, crab cakes, fish, if it swam or scurried… they eat it!  I consume a lot of grilled chicken salads over the three day trip.  You are always safe with a good old fashioned grilled chicken salad.

Right now I’m in the airport in Montgomery, Alabama headed home.  I can’t wait to see Cooper and Otey but I am sad to see another beach trip come to an end.   Safe travels everyone and I’ll see most of you in 362 days!

  • Kelli - Thank goodness for chicken!!!

  • Terri - Honestly, is there any cuter group of ladies between 29 and 52? I don’t think so! You’re free to post the superhero pose. It shows my serious side. (And how do you know I’m not a superhero?)

  • Heather - How did you all meet? When you said you traveled w/ your pals, I was thinking the Julie & all gang. Like your new do, too!

  • Shannon - It sounds like you had a great time! Have a safe trip home.

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