Just call me "SUPER PHOTOSHOPER" (be sure and picture me holding my laptop under my arm and my fist up in the air). Yesterday I finished Baby Cole’s pics for Brandy, burned Florida CD’s for my other sister-in-law (Theresa), and burnt CD’s for my two Aunts and my Mom of my Grandmas 85th Birthday. I spent 80% of the day in front of the computer, and the other 20% putting food in Cooper, or cleaning up what is left when the food comes out. Here’s a pic of my Gma’s birthday party…


That’s my Mom’s little sister (Aunt Harriet) on the left, my Mom in the middle, and my Mom’s older sister (Aunt Kay) on the right.  I’m sure you can figure out that the little lady in the front is my Grandma.  I’m not sure exactly how tall Grandma is now, but I know it’s under 5ft.  That was the major milestone as a kid in our family… out growing Grandma.

I have been searching everywhere for a ceiling fan for our bedroom. I haven’t been able to find one that doesn’t look like a cheap ceiling fan. I don’t know what it is about ceiling fans, it could be that I have watched entirely too many decorating shows (they always hate ceiling fans) but I just think they always look so tacky.  I have to have one in our bedroom though, because much to my husbands dismay… I can’t sleep in silence, or in still air.  Anyway, the moral of my happy story is after looking at 100’s of ceiling fans in every shape, size, and price range, I found one by accident at WALMART that I love!  Can you believe it?  Here’s the kicker… it was the last one, the display model. They took it down for me, and I payed 10% off of $34.88 for it!  That’s only $31.40 if you need help with the math… Yippee!!!

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