3 years

It has been over TWO months since my last blog post.



During my hiatus, my blog turned three years old (happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear (neglected, sad, tired, lonely, old) blog, happy birthday to you).  I don’t know why I haven’t blogged the past couple of months.  All I can figure is that it was just time for a break.  Well, break is over and I’m going to do better.  Maybe not EVERY SINGLE day… but as close to it as I can get living with two needy monsters and version 3.0 perfecting his karate moves all day long.  So my blog people… spread the word to the 400+ blog readers that I have lost in the past two months…



  • Maegan Tyler - Well its about time! thank goodness i have something to look at besides FB

  • Kim - Yes, we missed ya! Love the photo of the boys……

  • Leah - YEAH! I was a blog “stalker” (you know those people that are there, but you never know it) for several months before your hiatus and just loved your posts. I check back every once in a while just to see if you have left us something new. . .and to my surprise this time something was there! Glad your back!!

  • ABBY - Really, Thank you……I love Facebook too, but it is not the same as the ‘opening a present’ feeling, I get when loading my favorite blogs and waiting for the new pictures to come up. So glad you are back!

  • amy stamm - hey stranger! I have not been on forever either-I have been face booking OMG thats ADDICTING!! ha love the picture!! TAKR CARE

  • Alison - Yeah!! I am so happy that you are back. My days have been incomplete without reading your posts!! The boys have gotten so big!

  • Sharon Turner - Oh sweet Kathy–I am sooooo very glad you are back!!! I have missed you like I miss milk on my cereal. The boys have grown like crazy! Hope you are feeling well and taking good care of yourself and 3.0! Sharon

  • Fagin Family - Glad your back! We missed you!

  • Jessica - Glad to have you back!! We missed you!

  • Tanya - So excited that you are back. I have missed keeping up with the McCloys. Love the photo of the boys!

  • HollyLane - Seriously it’s about time!

  • BreeAnna - oh my goodness the boys have grown!!

    Nice to have you back!!!

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