2 do list

Things are starting to pick back up in my world. I am sure of it because today I made my first “2 do list” in over a month. It’s nice to have things to do, but I must admit I have enjoyed a lot of down time with Cooper the past few weeks.
I had the chance to shoot Will’s six month photos this weekend. His poor Mom, everyone is giving her grief for having so many pictures, but I don’t think any Mom will ever look back and think “Man, I took too many pictures of my kids”. Besides, I haven’t had a session with him since he was a month old! I say, it’s about time! HERE Will is still in the oven, and HERE is his newborn session sneak peek. I just uploaded his session tonight and worked on a few shots. Here is one to hold you over Erica…


Is that one cute kid or what? Just wait until you see what he’s hiding under that hat! More of Will and big sister Averi coming later this week.

  • Erica - WOOOO_HOOOO! You’re a rock star!!! I love it when you get busy doing or thinking about something else and then, THERE IT IS! What you would have been thinking about the whole time but you just got busy! It’s like finding $ in your last years coat pocket!!!! Thanks! Your the best!!!!!

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