There is something to be said about a mother baking her child’s 1st Birthday cake with tender loving care… but there is also something to be said about a mother making sure her kid has the most FABULOUS tasting and FABULOUS looking cake known to mankind! CHECK OUT THIS CAKE!!!



Last week I emailed Shannon some pics of some cakes I found on the internet and asked her to make Cooper’s cake look like a present and to use primary colors. The pics I sent her were of simple little flat cakes.  You can imagine my surprise and delight when I saw her through the window carrying this cake!  I thought it was a real wrapped present!  Cooper has never had any cookies, cake, sweets, etc until today… how lucky is he to start it off with this yummy thing!  Here is the bottom line.  If you live within an hours drive of Terre Haute, and you do not hire Shannon Lowe to bake your special occasion cakes… you are nuts!  Shannon is my hopefully SOON (come on already Neil… we all know shes the one… whats the hold up)  to be cousin-n-law and is the most talented cake artist imaginable!  If you want to see more of her cakes, there are photos of Thanksgiving and Christmas cakes in my blog archives.

Cooper thought he was pretty big stuff at the party.  We spread a sheet out and prepared for the worst.  He was slow getting started, but once he figured out this messy thing was food… it was all over!  He stuffed handfuls of cake in his mouth. 




I didn’t realize quite how much he really ate until I watched the video on the way home.  I would say he for sure inherited his parents’ sweet tooth!  When he was all done pigging out, we cleaned the inch thick icing off his little hands and headed straight for the tub. 


Cooper had a giant day.  Two baths, one FABULOUS cake, lots of family, and some pretty neat balloons…


Family – Thanks for the fun gifts, and fun time.  I love you and miss you already!

  • Heather - we love and miss you 3 already, too. you have a gift of capturing things/people in your pictures! seeing cooper makes me REALLY miss him – and you & otey. love you so much, kath!

  • Shannon - Thanks so much for the compliments! I’m blushing. I’m glad you both enjoyed the cake and that Cooper had a wonderful party!!

  • munKy - One year already? Wow. You all look really good. I’m happy for you! I think I’m going to go find some cake to eat now…

  • cody - That cake is amazing! and those pix are adorable!

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