18 months ago…

I was laying in a hospital bed listening to Grady’s heart beat inside of me…


It’s amazing  how real everything becomes once that IV is in, the monitors are turned on and you begin the wait for your baby to make his move.  Some of us relax and wait it out with a little TV time…


Some of us get ridiculously happy with the thought of the soon-to-be baby eviction… oh, and maybe keep our phone in arms reach to blog every ten minutes or so (check out July 2008 archives for baby Grady’s play by play)…


I have never “went” in to labor.   I like to call it “cozy uterus syndrome”.   With Cooper and Grady both, my delivery date arrived only with the help of modern medicine… specifically… a little Pitocin.  Now as soon as they pump me full of the fluids (let’s blame those fluids for my above puffy face), get the Pitocin flowing, and most importantly get the epidural in, I’m fast as lighting.  I’m talking like a labor ninja.   That’s when the above perky happy pregnant lady turns into the “holy crap I’m about to deliver another kid” lady…


But for the lucky ones like myself, the doctor walks in and tells you it’s time to push and ten minutes later you hear the cries of your new baby.  The real magic happens an hour later when the true miracle that you were a part of for the past nine months gets rolled in to your room… bundled like a perfect little clean burrito sleeping away after the hard work of entering the world.


And the real kicker?  They actually let you take it home with you two days later.  That part still remains the most amazing (and scary) to me.


I CAN NOT BELIEVE that 18 months ago I went throught this… and two weeks from now I am going to go through it again. When I say I CAN NOT BELIEVE…what I really mean is…


I have been starting to get ready for the big day this week.  I actually bought a package of newborn diapers and drug out my tub of newborn baby boy clothes (one of the benefits of having three boys in four years… the clothes don’t have time to get dorky).  Tonight I was folding the tiny itty bitty little shirts and was overwhelemed with how small they seemed.  Otey and I both just can’t believe we’re only two weeks away from baby boy number three.

Baby boy number three who from this point forward will be known as Nash.

Nash McCloy.

Nash (my-parents-can’t-come-up-with-a-middle-name) McCloy.

Nash McCloy.


Cooper, Grady, & Nash.

Does it sound like I am still trying to get used to it?  That’s because I am.

  • marilyn knutson - If there is a 4th McCloy baby , looks like you’ll have to go with a 3 letter name, Cooper- 6 letters, Grady- 5 letters. Nash – 3 letters,lets see, that could be tough.

  • Betsy - No getting used to it. Nash is fabulous, and you know I am incapable of fibbing just to be nice. I’m going to go ahead and assume that you are not going to make me wait like 3 months for you to blog again. I hope you have a week or so to fold baby clothes and blog, blog, blog, sister.

  • Sandy Naidu - Congratulations !!! Baby is so cuteeee

  • HollyLane - LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Makes me want to go hold a baby!

  • Aimee Klinge - How exciting! My only question is what will baby Nash’s gangster name be? Something tradition like N-Dawg or maybe a bit more modern like Nashizzle? I can’t wait to see pics!

  • Emily - So excited to check facebook this morning and see that you have blogged, I think I actually giggled out loud (I’m a huge dork)! I love the name Nash McCloy and I am so excited for some scrumptous newborn pictures! Thanks for making me smile this morning and good luck with the whole “eviction” thing, you will be wonderful as a mom of THREE BOYS!!!!

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