17 days in a row!

Baby makin’ is now officially postponed until spring.  Probably in April or May.  Cooper’s embryo transfer was the end of May in 2005, and that made him due during my slowest work time (first of February).  Hopefully we can time it around then again.  Otey and I both think that the break will do us good, and by then we’ll be in our new house, our old house will be sold, and hopefully Cooper will be a little more manageable by the time the new baby comes.  I didn’t really want my kids to be three years apart.  I’ve always thought two was what I wanted, but I guess that’s not in the plans for us.  At this point… I’ll take one anytime I can get one! 

We are now back in Iowa and home until the 23rd of this month!  I think that might be some sort of all time record.  17 days in a row!  Here is a fun shot from Cheyenne I found tonight while I was editing pictures for Dodge Rodeo.  This is the smaller of the two grandstands at Cheyenne.  The big one is behind me.   Crazy, huh?


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