02/01/06 & 01/23/10

February 1, 2006 – the day I became a Mom for the very first time

January 23, 2010 – the day I became a Mom for (maybe) the last time.

I had to add that maybe in there… anyway…

On Saturday we had a family birthday party to celebrate Nash Potato’s 1st birthday and Coop Diddy turning 5.


Where has five years went?!?!?

It was soooo nice for the boys to be able to share there birthdays with so many people who love them.  That’s why we moved back to Indiana.  Those are the memories I want each of my boys to have.  I couldn’t have been happier for them (and although selfish… myself too).  Otey’s parents drove up from Missouri, and the FABULOUS Shannon made my boys the cutest cakes ever.  Yet another benefit of living in Indiana… I can totally take advantage of my cousin-in-laws baking skills!

I don’t know how in the world we ended up with a “racecar” birthday but we did.  Cooper NEVER plays with cars.  He’s totally a dinosaur/animal kid.  For some reason completely out of the blue about a month ago he told me he wanted a racecar party.  I tried my darnedest to show him all the other “way cool” options for birthday themes, but in the end… checkered flags it was.

Nash had a perfect 1st birthday.  I swear that baby is THE happiest kid on the planet.

I haven’t let him have many sweets, so when he did get a chance to get his hands on that birthday cake… it was pretty good watching.  He started out slow…

…but he got the hang of things quickly.

He had some coaching from my cousin Heather.  Did I say somewhere up above that I was happy to live close to my family again?  Maybe I take that back.

Remember this sweet giraffe?

Nash decided he looked quite tasty.

And this beautiful cake that Shannon spent HOURS on…

Nash decided he would just go ahead and put the smack down on it.

We had the party at Cobblestone Crossing (my house wasn’t ready in time) and on the drive back to my Mom’s house I asked Cooper if he had fun at his party.  His response?  “Ya Mom.  It was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!”

I love that kid.

Happy birthday to my two sweet boys, and thank you family for sharing the day with them!

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