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    I am Kathy... and I drive a minivan. Now that you know my deepest darkest secret, here's the good stuff! I am madly in love with Jesus, my Husband and the three little Dirtbags that call me Mom. Although we officially live in Indiana, I spend the majority of my time traveling across the Midwest, kids in tow, meeting people like you and photographing their love stories. I pride myself in "stress free" photo days. I want to just hang out with you for a few hours. I want to know what you love... who you love... and capture that love in images so you can see what the rest of the world sees. The real you.  ~Kathy

So I’ve had lots of people ask me if I am “quitting” my photography business because of starting my LuLaRoe Journey.

The answer to that is absolutely not.

Let me share a little secret with you… I don’t LOVE being a photographer.  I don’t LOVE cleaning my equipment, and scheduling appointments.  I don’t LOVE the butterflies I still get in my stomach after ten years of shooting professionally right before I meet a new client.  I don’t LOVE the late nights editing.  I don’t LOVE cursing my internet as I try to get galleries to upload, or orders to go through.  But… I do LOVE the love I get to be a part of.  I LOVE the relationships that form, the stories that unfold, and the lives that I get to walk in.  People fall in love, get married, have babies, have birthdays, build dream houses, have more babies and I get to be a part of it every step of the way.  Let me show you with photographs why I have no intentions to walking away from what I’ve built over the past decade.  I may not always LOVE the behind the scenes part of being a photographer, but the LOVE I get to witness makes it all worth it.


One of the first things I ask a bride and groom when we start discussing wedding plans is if they have considered doing a “first look” before their ceremony.  This is a question that makes anyone over the age of 40 nearly have a heart attack.  If you’re one of those people, hear me out… the moments of the first look are THE most special time a bride and groom can share on their wedding day.  All the anticipation, all the excitement, all the emotion shared just between the only two people that matter that day,  the two people that are making a life long commitment to each other.  In those  private moments they can say anything they want, they can cry without an audience, and they can have all the time they need to truly just soak each other up.  On top of all that mushy gushy love stuff, they can add three or four more hours of fun TOGETHER on the most special day of their lives.  It is amazing how all stress and tension of the day melts away once the bride and groom see each other.  That’s when the good stuff starts!  And lastly… When a bride and groom get all of their photos done BEFORE the ceremony, they can “kiss the bride” and head straight to the party!   Who wants to rush photos and stress out over cold meals, and waiting guests?  Let me climb down off my soapbox and tell you about Kristi and Jordan and their first look.  Maybe the sweetest one I’ve had a chance to photograph.  Jordan and I picked a secluded place at the winery and he stood waiting with his back turned.  Kristi handed her letter over his shoulder and he handed his to her.  They stood back to back and read the sweet words they had written to each other.  When they were done, Jordan waited a few minutes (looking like he was building up the courage) and turned around to see his bride.  The moments, the words, the tears that followed were theirs to have, not to share… just like it should be.

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It was a BEAUTIFUL day at Huber’s Winery.  A beautiful setting, beautiful weather, and beautiful people.  Kristi and Jordan were surrounded by tons of family and friends all day.  It was an honor and a blessing to be trusted to document their wedding.


I’ve had the privilege of hanging out with Jackson and his family on several occasions over the past year.  I was honored when they asked me to be a part of his first birthday party!  Cake, Mickey Mouse, a happy baby, and cake.  Did I say cake already?  Oh ya… they had cake.

Happy Birthday little man!!!!

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My first trip to Nicaragua was with a very small team from Indianapolis almost exactly two years ago.  The team of six included a young married couple, Tyler & Kristen.  Who knew that just a couple of years later we’d still be serving the people of Nicaragua together AND I would have the privilege to not only call them my friends, but also to photograph their now family of THREE!

Thanks for spending the afternoon with me friends.

I’m looking forward to rocking on the Quinta porch with you both again soon.

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Two years ago this Grandma received a gift certificate from her kids to have family photos taken.  One family in Tennessee, one in Terre Haute, and one an hour away.  Tricky.

Most photographers will tell you… extended family photo shoots are challenging.  Usually they involve lots of small children, junk food bribery, grandparents who think their grandkids can do no wrong, parents who KNOW their children CAN do wrong.

Just gets complicated and sometimes stressful.

Luckily, that’s not the case for me.

I LOVE the sibling dynamic, the inside jokes, and the grandparents blinding love for their grandkids.   What a gift for these babies to look back on some day, and what a gift for loving grandparents to show off their entire hearts in one photograph.

So glad we could finally make this happen Kenworthy Clan.

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