Zip it Gramps…

That is Gramps… as in Cooper’s Grandpa Curry. He has been giving me HUGE grief over not posting every single day. I believe his exact quote yesterday was “you don’t even have to type anything, just put up pictures of the kid”. Glad to know he misses me! So… in honor of my Dad… here is a TOTAL cheeseball photo of Cooper. There aren’t very many “look at the camera and smile” photos of Cooper… mostly because I just love all of his corn-ball natural expressions…. but I think this “cheeeeese-burger” shot might take the cake on “corn-ball”.


My little corn-ball is going to the doctor this morning. He has had a temperature of 102.5 since last night at about 5:00. It comes down to a 100 with tylenol and there are no other symptoms. Weird, huh? He is running around the house like a maniac, eating good, and happy as can be. Anywho, we are off to the doctor for an official diagnosis in a couple of hours. Hopefully it’s not a big deal since I have multiple photo sessions scheduled in Marshall, Missouri this weekend. The plan as of right now is for Cooper and Otey to go with me, but a sick kid might equal a “guys weekend” in Iowa while Mom heads off to bring home the bacon. I sure hope not. I really really like it when we are all on the road together. It feels like old (pre-Iowa) times.

Sidenote… Still no name. Otey did say the words I have been waiting to hear last night… “You can name him Canon since you love it, I’ll get used to it”. Sounds really sincere, huh?

  • Aimee - Seriously, Cooper is adorable!


  • Kari - In Otey’s defense I do think that is a name you either love or need some time to get use to. I agree with him. I like it a tinee bit more than I did when you first introduced it on your post.

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