…you smell like a monkey, and you look like one too.


The one and only Monkey Monk is about to be THREE YEARS OLD.  What else does that mean?  My first born is about to be THREE YEARS OLD!  Ahhhh!!!  Where has time went?  Okay, I’m going to save the “boo-hoo-hoo my kid is getting ready to get his drivers license, kiss girls, and think I’m not cool anymore” for his actual birthday.  Let’s get back to Monkey Monk.
Monkey Monk goes EVERYWHERE with us.  Since Cooper was three weeks old, he has slept four nights with out that Monkey, and those night were not by choice.  There was a little incident where old Monkey-Monk jumped out of the truck at an O’Charlie’s in Kansas City.  After hours of phone calls, Monkey was safely returned to us via overnight UPS.  Then there was the time that Grandma McCloy forgot to double check that Monkey got packed after Cooper spent the weekend at the ranch.  Actually, she did pack him… but you have to watch that Cooper.  Every once in awhile when you aren’t looking he will “unpack” him for a few minutes of play time.  Once again, Monkey got an overnight ride via UPS.  We do have a back up Monkey.  He is the exact same stuffed animal, but even at a year old, Cooper could tell the difference.
After some figuring, I have determined that Monk has been to all of the yellow states in his short life.


Monkey has had a very full life so far.  Obviously nine hundred trips through the washing machine is a pretty good diet plan for a primate because he (unlike me) has got very thin with age.   He (just like me) is unfortunately starting to look a little rough around the edges.  Anymore, when we’re at home Monkey stays in Cooper’s bed, but this morning, I told him to go get him so that I could take his picture.  Here is the result.



AND… by total freak accident… check out these two.

February 7th, 2007  (just turned 1)              January 21st, 2009 (almost 3)


Monkeys a little thinner, and a little dingier, and my photo skills have improved a touch, but one thing is for sure…

my kid is still rotten.

  • Kim - Rottenly stinkingly adorably SWEET.
    Your boys are so so so beautiful Kathy.

  • sharon turner - So very cute pictures of them both! My Cooper has “Mrs. G”, a giraffe his aunt gave him several years ago. Like your Cooper, Mrs. G goes everywhere with us–and my Cooper is now 8! Are they allowed to carry their favorite stuffed animals across the stage when they get their diplomas?


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