My new website got 94 hits yesterday!  Thanks to everyone who passed along the address to your friends and family.  I really appreciate all of the positive feedback that I have received!  I have been so nervous over the past couple of months of working on it, and it is such a relief to know that it lives up to your expectations!  I plan to continually add new photos to it from upcoming shots, and to continue to make small improvements on the text, and layout over the next few months.  If you have a webpage or blog, email me and we will trade links!  Again… thanks for all of the LOVE!

Back to everyday normal McCloy stuff…

We are in Indiana.  We arrived about midnight last night and are getting ready to head to the big town of Terre Haute to run some errands and to meet Julie & Brooklyn for lunch.  Tomorrow Cooper is having his BIG #1 party and I need to pick up a little dorky paper pointy hat that says "I’m 1!"  Gosh… when did I turn into one of THOSE moms?  It seems that one of THOSE moms is a reoccurring theme in my blog… maybe I just need to submit and know that it’s never going to change.  From this day forward…  I’m her.  THAT mom.

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