Who knew so many of you would be suckers for a love story?  Much to my sweet husband’s dismay, it’s going to take several posts to tell the REST of the story (Paul Harvey reference… did you catch that).  I won’t be posting them one right after another, I just don’t have THAT much time to post everyday.

Me, my munchkins, and my SUPER nanny (aka… my Mom) are in Senatobia, Mississippi for a college rodeo this weekend.  We’ll be here until early Sunday morning and then we’ll head to Indiana.  I fly out of Indianapolis early Monday morning for Pocatello, Idaho.  I must quit typing about this… I’m getting sad just thinking about it.  I’m super stoked and honored that I was selected to work the DNCFR, but I am sooooooo… no… SOOOOOOOOOOO dreading leaving my boys for six days.



I have never left Grady before and I am not looking forward to it.  He’ll be nine months old in a couple of days so nine months in the oven, nine months out of the oven… I’ve had 18 months of non-stop Grady and I’m afraid I might go into withdraws!  I will be in Idaho for six days… no husband, no kids… what the heck will I do with myself?


I’ll have plenty of time to blog about how I met Otey and how he just couldn’t help but fall in love with me… that was just for you Otey 🙂

He’s a little embarrassed about all this “love” talk on the blog.

How about a couple recent favorites?



  • Heather Mears - I love the pic of good ol’ Beaty Hall on campus. I am however, very disappointed that I won’t be hearing some more of your mushy, gushy love story. Who doesn’t love a good love story? Good luck while out of town…enjoy your resting time with no kids…can I come with you??????

  • kay - I went to Pocatello a couple of times to watch Matt rope. We went to that western store with the pawn shop in the basement every day. I can’t remember the name of it but you know the one it’s on that big road like at the Chubbuck exit that goes back around to Pokey. You know….We also went to the trade show several times but didn’t buy much there. Dan really enjoyed the horse sale preview down at Inkom and the sale was pretty interesting. The problem with you is you just don’t have that much free time so yeah you should spend your time blogging!

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